The Evolution of Content Marketing

ValueMags knows the importance of producing great content online. This way their target audience will find them for virtually no cost. The value of a great article is priceless since it can go viral and it will garner a lot of attention.

Experts in the field of content marketing are saying that it will be more challenging for marketers. According to an industry expert there will be few winners but the jackpot will be bigger. Since brands are noticing the importance of content marketing, they are getting much more creative with format. When we say content, the most common forms are blogs, eBooks and other types of content that will get subscribers on email. These methods will continue to be the most common ones but creativity is the key to standing out in order to break through the noise.

For those who are into search engine optimization, you may have heard about the new upgrade Google will have regarding their image search. The same is true for content marketing since visual content will be more important because of that. In other words, content will be shorter, more unique and straight to the point with a punch. ValueMags has a specific market in mind and this group of people will be their best audience. That is why in 2017, it is best that your message becomes more niche. Think about it from a search query standpoint. There are more people typing in “Ray Ban sunglasses” but the conversion on a long-tail keyword such as “aviator Ray Ban sunglasses Chicago” will be higher.

Marketers know the power of videos and how they have high return on investment. Syndacast, a leading digital marketing company, has found that 74 percent of all traffic will be video. Keep in mind the close relationship with content marketing and search engine optimization. The more engagement a brand gets on a site, the more important Google perceives it to be and it will move up in the rankings.

Because of all the added benefits of content marketing, brands are increasingly spending more resources on it as opposed to traditional advertising. With the increasing amount of analytics companies like ValueMags gets on where their marketing dollars are going, it is becoming a wiser choice to focus on content marketing. In general, content marketers are good at getting new viewers but not retaining.

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