Telomere Score

Analysing your body’s worth and knowing what you can do to make it healthier is a good sign that you are knowledgeable of the things that might happen to you if you continue on abusing it. It is natural that you learn some bad habits due to the stress that you are exposed to and the many “trends” that people have been doing for many years. You are in control and remember that you own your body.

If you want to be sure that you are doing the right thing, there is what experts call a telomere testing. This measures the length of your telomere and they can gain insights as to how long your body has been suffering and what you can do to stop it. A short telomere may indicate that you have a short life span due to the bad habits that you are exposing yourself into. A long telomere means that you are safe and you keep doing what you do!

How do you find out about your Telomere Score?

It is first calculated based on your average telomere length in peripheral whole blood cells. After that, the average is then compared to telomere lengths from a sample with the same age range as the patient in order for the experts to determine if your telomere should be the way it is. If it’s shorter than the average telomere score in your age range, then you are in big trouble, buddy. But you can still save yourself by making the right choice. 

Reasons why your Telomere becomes short

Aside from the fact that telomeres shorten whenever cells divide, there are plenty of other reasons why your telomere is in danger and why your cells can’t replicate and die immaturely. One of those reasons is smoking. You need to reduce your daily tobacco consumption. It is pretty understandable that you may have been smoking for many years already, so if you want to live a long and happy life, you need to control your smoking, not the other way around. Another reason is because of the food that you eat like processed food and sugars. It is very unhealthy especially if you consume so much more than what you can handle. Self-discipline is the key in order for you to get through this. 

Modifying your lifestyle for a better you!

In order for you to achieve a healthy mind and body, you’ll need to find out if your body weight and body composition is ideal for you. You can do aerobic exercises and eat food that can somehow help you in lengthening you telomeres. If you find out how to decrease telomere loss, then good for you!

Count yourself lucky if you have found out that you are doing what’s best for yourself. People often stall exercising until they don’t do it anymore. It is better if you see through it until the end because it can affect how you see yourself and your point of view.

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