Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

To count the numerous diseases that many men experience, Erectile dysfunction is a very special one because it strikes not just the body alone but also the mental health of the individual suffering from it. Although there are far more dangerous sexual diseases, some of which are even lethal, what makes erectile dysfunction a delicate matter is because. This is one ailment that affects the intimate life of the man involved.

Erectile dysfunction can include multiple sexual disorders, but it’s mostly considered to be the persistent inability of a man to have an erection during sex and also to maintain and sustain it for a sufficient amount of time. Erectile dysfunction can often be referred to as impotence, although this isn’t entirely true because impotence takes into account other symptoms such as the absence of sexual desire or even ejaculation difficulties.

One critical thing to note about erectile dysfunction is that it may include a total and permanent lack of erection, or, the problem can just be temporary and can be fixed over time. One should also note that erectile dysfunction can occur at any stage of life, regardless of the age, though it is more pronounced in men above the ages of 60.

It shouldn’t be a cause for worry if you can’t get an erection when you’re tired or just not in the mood. However, it should be a cause for alarm if it is an unending issue. Having erection problems can also be a signal or a symptom of an underlying health condition that needs to be attended to and treated in no time such as a heart disease.

If left untreated, erectile dysfunction can bring about stress, worry, and can affect the self-confidence of the man which will ultimately result in relationship problems for both partners.


Erectile dysfunction can either be a physical issue or a psychological one and sometimes it can be a combination of both. Take for example; a minor health condition can slow the sexual response hormone which can lead to anxiety in maintaining an erection. The anxiety, now psychological, can result to or worsen ED.

The male sexual stimulation process is an incredibly complex one which involves the nerves, the blood vessels, the brain or emotions. Erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of a problem from any of these. Stress and varying mental health issues can also cause or worsen ED.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction can include; Heart disease, Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis), High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic syndrome, Multiple sclerosis, Use of tobacco, Peyronie’s disease.


Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are very persistent and are easily noticeable.

The symptoms may include;

  • Trouble having an erection
  • Difficulty holding or sustaining an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire


The good news is that, at any given age, erectile dysfunction is treatable and it is possible to regain complete recovery of one’s sexual powers.

Erectile dysfunction can either be a physical problem or a psychological problem. There are many ways in which this issue can be treated in men, such as, psychotherapy, drugs, surgery, and vacuum devices.

The first step to getting treated is in accepting and acknowledging that you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction and getting rid of the shame you might feel. When you admit the presence of the problem, only then can you take a proactive approach to try and discover the cause of the problem and seek out ways to treat it.

As a man, if at all you notice any sign whatsoever of erectile dysfunction, consult your doctor immediately. Don’t be ashamed because there’s nothing to be ashamed about. More often than not, treating an underlying medical condition is enough to end ED. While in other cases, direct treatment and medication can help get rid of it.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle and keep away from doing all of the things mentioned in the causes of ED
  • Make sure to consult a doctor to manage and treat diabetes, heart disease or any other chronic health condition you might be experiencing.
  • Always visit the doctor regularly for medical screening and tests.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Quit drugs, smoking, and alcohol.
  • Reduce stress at all costs
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours a day
  • Practice yoga and meditation to help overcome mental exertion.

Erectile dysfunction treatment depends on the possible causes. After a medical test is carried out, problems and health factors that might cause ED will be identified; then medicine or treatment can be recommended to help cure it. Kamagra Drug; this is a drug that’s sold as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It helps to aid the relaxation of the blood vessels in the penis, making it easier for blood to flow to the penis when aroused.

ED is a complex problem to handle, but nonetheless, it can be salvaged. Therefore it is crucial to involve your partner and consult a doctor if you want to get out of this embarrassing situation.

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