Medsmex is one of the leading online pharmacies which operates from Mexico. They’ve been around for close to two decades now in online retailing of drugs and have a secured payment option, using Norton. Product listings from the website are alphabetical, in contrast to most other online pharmacies. This makes it easier for you to get your desired drug by just typing the beginning letters. The pharmacy also has FDA approval on it medications, most of which are either generic or brand drugs. They also boast that clients can order for drugs without necessarily needing a prescription. There are a lot of reviews from customers on their experience with Medsmex pharmacy. While some are satisfied and give an excellent rating, there are others, who for one reason or the order, are discontent with their experience.

For example, Katthatter says he has always received deliveries for his order from Medscape on time. He particularly relates to a swift shipping experience and says there is no other source that comes close to offering drugs at the lowest prices as you can get on Medsmex. Another past user of Medsmex, Jdice gives a 5-star rating and says she has been ordering from the website for years on end, without any glitch. She has never had to contact them on any awful experience because she really has never experienced any. Just as another user said he had an absolutely wonderful experience with Medsmex. Customer service was top notch, according to this user and will be buying some more with the pharmacy in the future as he has trust in their service.

In contrast for Bill, he rates Medscape 1/5 due to an abysmal experience with the online pharmacy. He complains he didn’t get his required drugs and was put-off without any response when he did complain of the delivery. While Erinandycomplains almost same as there was a discrepancy in the drugs he ordered for and what he received.

Overall, Medsmex probably has more satisfied customers than those who didn’t have a good experience, as is always the case when dealing with some big online retailers, glitches here and there may be unavoidable. Ultimately, it’s never bad to consider your options before using any online pharmacy for your medications. The negative reviews may be a drawback but you can always get the most recent Medsmexreviews and referrals for the best chance of not getting ripped off before buying medications online.

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