How to Keep your Hair Healthy and Protected

Heat protection guide for your locks

Everybody knows that high temperatures and heat styling tools seriously damage your hair. Unfortunately, this knowledge hasn’t prevented any woman from styling her hair with a flat iron, blow dryer, or any other tool. So how can we save our locks from dryness, split ends, and structural changes? The answer is here! There are a huge variety of different ways to protect your hair and our professionals at New York Hair Salon offer you three magical tricks to keep your strands healthy and use your favorite styling tools.

hair healthy and protected

Keep it healthy

Naturally, healthy hair is better protected from high temperatures influence. If you suddenly notice you have split ends, visit your hairstylist and have some trim. There is no need to beat around the bush. Smooth hair cuticles provide you with a shiny look and easy blow drying with minimum harm.

Invest in your styling tool

You should never ever buy cheap styling tools. Doing this, you are risking to burn your hair down. Read some additional information and find out how to choose the best one. In is not the best time to skimp on money, when investing in your beautiful mane.

Be cool

Using a cold air switch will reduce the damage caused to your hair, soothe your scalp and minimize the amount of sebum, produced by your hair follicles. Moreover, such mode will make your hairstyle last longer.

Keep your hair healthy with our tips. If you want to know some more useful information about your locks, visit New York Hair Salon.

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