How the Hair Transplant without Scars can be Possible

Previously, when the modern technology, application and technique didn’t come into the picture many of us believed that the procedure of hair transplant leaves scars and that’s why the patient has hesitated to go with the restoration procedure to get over the problem of baldness. But, now with the advancement in technique, technology and expertise of the Surgeon, it is all possible and very much prominent to receive the hair transplant procedure with utmost great outcomes in terms of a painless and scar less hair transplant results.

The hair transplant procedure is a single permanent option to get back the natural hair with all the natural outcomes in terms of an undetectable hairline and a scar less hair transplant result only if the procedure has been performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon. The hair transplant in India offers you the best treatment at an affordable cost of the services that call people all over the World to come to India and take the advantages of the Cosmetic surgery, especially the hair transplant procedure.

Nowadays, the expert Surgeon prefers the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) in most of the restoration cases in order to avoid the chances of scar and pain as the FUT technique is followed by the advanced and specialized closing technique that has the ability to hide the scars and make it undetectable. The other advantage to receive the FUT technique is their long lasting and permanent results because of the use of the only safe donor area, usually the back & sides of the scalp for the graft extraction.

The Graft Extraction or Strip Harvesting Process in the FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant procedure involves the strip of the skin excision that is mainly targeted from the safe donor area of the scalp and later sent to the graft dissection room in order to collect the individual follicular unit without damaging even a single follicular unit. The expert Surgeon uses the high magnification of microscopes to dissect the grafts that maximize the ratio of output by minimizing the graft damage rate and the technicians are able to collect, the higher number of viable grafts for the step of graft implantation to the available bald area. The FUT hair transplant allows a Surgeon to extract the greatest number of grafts via the strip in the view of covering the greater grade of baldness. The extraction area of the strip is further closed by the specialized closing technique known as a Trichophytic closure is most acceptable and appreciable in the FUT world in order to receive the scar less hair transplant results.

The Trichophytic Closure

This is an advanced closing technique introduced into the FUT hair transplant world in the view of minimizing the chances of scars after the strip excision and this is the most successful technique for hiding the scars up to zero level. The Trichiphytic closure is done in such a manner that the edges of incision overlap with each other and allows the hair follicles to grow through the scar line, results in an unnoticeable hair transplant results. The Trichophytic closure is a boon in the hair transplant industry that completely hides the strip excision scars by making the scar line virtually unrecognizable.

When the technique is FUE

The FUE technique is done by the punching machine application that leaves a multiple rounds and dynamic scars on the scalp and the solution towards hiding these FUE scars are again a session of FUT technique. The FUT hair transplant for the correction of scars as a revision session is recommended by the expert Surgeons and scars are minimized by the using of strip excision followed by the Trichophytic closure. The extracted grafts are implanted into the area where the scar is visible as a result of FUE technique and implantation is done in such a manner that the entire scar gets covered and the incision area already got closed by the Trichophytic closure. The solution of FUT hair transplant is chosen when a patient is affected by the wrong effect of an FUE technique and therefore in most of the cases Surgeon prefers the FUT technique for the hair restoration procedure.


On the Whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must be taken from an expert Surgeon in order to receive the best aesthetic results whether we talk about a scar less hair transplant or painless. It is recommended to go through a prior consultation to know about your specific case of hair loss in order to know about the grade, state and type of hair loss or baldness.

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