Make the Switch to E-Cigs

There’s nothing good about smoking. Prolonged smoking can bring discomfort and serious illness over the years. Doctors and scientist continually struggle to find a solution to help patient’s quit smoking. Nicotine addiction is a very serious problem that grips the entire nation. A desire to quit smoking doesn’t seem to be enough in some cases.

There have been a lot of different solutions proposed to combat nicotine addition and some of them do work for certain individuals. There are chewing gums that contain nicotine and then there are more serious products, such as nicotine patches that deliver nicotine to the bloodstream through the skin. However, it seems that the electronic has quickly become the most popular quit-smoking product on the market.

An electronic cigarette is the combination of science and technology at its best. They have provided a tool that allows the user to look and feel like he is smoking a real cigarette while receiving a real dose of nicotine, but without any of the other nasty chemicals found in real cigarettes. It is a revolutionary product that has opened the door to giving up smoking for millions of people. There is no tobacco in the electronic cigarette, only water vapor. There is no secondhand smoke that is harmful to people nearby. An electronic cigarette is entirely safe for yourself and the others around you.

When smoking an e-cig, the smoke that leaves the end of the tube is actual just water vapor. The vapor is completely harmless to your lungs and anyone standing nearby. The plastic tube is designed to look just like a real cigarette. This is especially useful because many people who are trying to quit smoking simply miss the look and feel of smoking a cigarette. Now they can have that same experience, but in a much safer environment. A small, red LED at the end of the tube lights each time you draw, imitating the burning end of a lit cigarette. Some e-cigs come with LEDs in a variety of colors to match your style and personality, like green, blue, and red.

Inside the plastic tube is a small atomizer cartridge holding a liquid. There is also a heating element and pressure-activated switch. Each time you take a draw from the electronic cigarette, the pressurize switch connects power from a small battery to the heating element. The heating element vaporizes the water and nicotine in the atomizer, which you then inhale and exhale. It is a very simple, yet effective procedure.

E-Liquid can come in a variety of strengths. You can gradually lower your intake over time if you are trying to quit smoking and nicotine for good. Some people choose to only smoke e-cigs for a period while they are quitting, but some people choose to completely replace real cigarettes with the electronic variety. For whatever reason, it is a good decision and a healthy one.

By using a tool like this, you can eventually learn to quit smoking. What once seemed impossible is a realistic goal thanks to these sophisticated little tubes.

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