California Based GWC Valves Comments on Northern East Flooding

GWC Valves is a valve manufacturing company based out of Bakersfield, California. Being a California company, most employees understand the reality of fluctuating weather conditions. For years, certain parts of California have ben experiencing a drought. Although GWC Valves is one of few companies that have not suffered, many are. Business has been booming for the valve manufacturing company because of mandatory new water systems that are constantly being installed across the country. The state has been ordering new water pumping to crops and households because on the ongoing drought.

In a similar manner, Quebec is currently suffering from flooding. However, it is affecting businesses and citizens in the same way. Business are being forced to shut down and individuals are being forced out of their homes. “The flooding is about to worsen too” comment Dave Meador, GWC Valves CEO. On Friday, President Justin Trudeau met with Montreal Mayor Denis Codere to discuss the flooding. Even Ile Mecier (island in the Montreal region) is no longer an island anymore leaving residents only with each other. Within two hours of the meeting, Trudeau deployed the military into Montreal and surrounding regions, declaring a state of emergency. Rigaud is the first city in the Montreal region to order a mandatory evacuation. Unfortunately, the rain will only continue in the coming days. This morning, the Galipeau Bridge (one of the main arteries to get on the island of Montreal) was closed due to flooding. As a result, the traffic on the few other access points denied employees the ability to make their way to work and even students to school. Among the many efforts that locals are doing, there are some international efforts too. GWC Valves is encouraging larger Californian companies who can afford it, to donate to those who have lost their homes. The flooding has taken many people’s homes and everything inside of it. The flooding happened so quickly that it was hard to clear homes and move valuables.

For more information about GWC Valves’ international efforts, contact them using the link above. North America is a large community that needs to support each other in times like these.

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