Golfers elbow is a condition that causes pain along with inflammation in the tendons connecting forearm and the elbow. The pain subsides in the inner side of elbow and may spread to the forearm as well. It is caused when the muscles in the forearm are overused; they can be overused due to excessive rotating of arms or flexing of the wrists. Golfer’s elbow is a result of pulling and tearing of tendons in the inside of elbow region. It is always advisable to go for the Golf Elbow INJURY treatment from an authentic medical centre.

Although the name is given as Golfer’s elbow, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this condition is prominent only in Golf players. It can occur in any one who does repetitive hand and wrist movements. People whose work involves lot of use of screwdrivers and hammers, and paint brushes can also suffer from this condition. Golfer’s elbow is comparatively a less commonly occurring condition.

The name was derived from the game Golf because it appeared due to the stressing of tendon that was stretched while making the golf swing. Many people who have never played golf may also suffer from this condition.


Common Treatment

The treatment for this condition varies from therapy to in taking of drugs. Therapy involves variety of muscle exercise that improves the flexibility by stretching the muscle and gradually strengthening the tendons in the body. Heat or ice compression can also be used on the affected area after the exercise.

It can be cured by using simple anti-inflammatory medicines that help in dealing with the pain by reducing inflammation. These drugs can be taken orally, as well as in the form injections around affected area. The relief can be instant in some cases where as the complete curing of the condition may take few days.

The most common and simple treatment for Golfer’s elbow is sufficient rest and not straining the arms much till it is healed totally.

Rehabilitative exercise under the observation along with heat and ice treatment followed by enough rest should be sufficient in curing of this condition. In rare cases patients may require steroid injection and in also much rarer cases the surgery is required to cure the condition.

Prevention and Precaution

These injuries can be cured with little care and attention, if they are left unattended for long they can become constantly painful and hamper everyday life of a person. The symptoms for Golfers elbow is continuous pain, swelling in the elbow and redness in the area.

If the symptoms are noticed in the early stages of the injury the Golf Elbow INJURY treatment becomes much easier. They shouldn’t be ignored till it becomes severe. If the pain has been subsiding for more than few weeks immediate consultation from the doctor must be sought.

Few precautions must be taken while undergoing treatment for Golfer’s elbow; workouts that involve lot of gripping and strain on the areas around the elbows must be avoided. The physiotherapy exercises must be done under the supervision of a trained specialist as any wrong movement or stretching can simply aggravate the existing injury.

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